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1451 Mulberry Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069   |    Tastings by appointment only

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While you sit and sip on the veranda, the vineyard is busy at work. The long, sunny days work their magic on the grapes. The buzz of bees, the lively flight of a dragonfly, colorful butterflies and birds visiting a drip irrigation spot — summer is abundance and beauty in the California vineyard. It is a promise of wonderful wines to come.

We are nestled in a quiet corner of San Marcos, right down the road. Come taste our small batch wines straight from the source. We’d love to fill your glass!

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Our wines are carefully crafted in small quantities with grapes harvested from our area's finest vineyards to bring out the bold, rich fruit varietal flavors while promoting the San Diego area as a growing world class wine making region.

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