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Meet the Winemaker

My goal is to bring out the grape character in its purest form, an expression of terroir.  ~ I. Malcolm Gray, Jr.

Malcolm Gray

Malcolm’s passion for winemaking started with his passion for drinking wine.  Weekend visits to wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Sierra Foothills, led to extensive, in-depth conversations with the winemakers about grape varieties, climate and soil.  Malcolm began reading everything he could get his hands on about grapes, grape growing regions and the art of making wine.  He then attended enology courses at UC Davis when he realized, “this is what I really want to do”.   Although new to wine making, Malcolm is an accomplished Electrical Engineer having worked in Silicon Valley for over 25 years with NVIDIA, 3Dfx, 3DO, Silicon Access, Mosaic, Sun Microsystems, and Silicon Graphics, specializing in graphics and networking.

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If you are interested in winemaking, Malcolm recommends you read ”Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft”, by Clark Smith.  Cheers!

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