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Wines & Pairings

In March 2013, Twin Oaks Valley Winery was purchased by Malcolm and Kathryn Gray with a focus to maintain the Twin Oaks Valley Winery varietal brands while expanding our San Marcos Winery red blend offerings.

Our philosophy is to purchase grapes grown in San Diego County in support of local growers.

We produce small lots of carefully crafted wines bringing out the bold, rich fruit varietal flavors at the same time promoting the growing world class wine making region of San Diego County.

Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a light wine with a reddish hue, mild rich tannins, and noticeable acidity which brings out the black currant and deep cherry notes.  This wine can be enjoyed now and throughout the year.

Wine Pairing Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Cabernet Sauvignon nicely accompanies pasta dishes with red sauce, pesto sauce or freshly cut vegetables tossed with marinated sun-dried tomatoes.  Other foods that pair nicely: pork loin with apricot puree sauce, steak with a pepper dry rub, and cheese platters with aged cheddar cheese, blue cheese and camembert.

Tasting Notes:Twin Oaks Valley Cab Franc has a bright pale-red coloring with a peppery perfume and raspberry aroma.  This is a spicy wine that is a one-of-a-kind.

Wine Pairing Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Cab Franc goes well with sweet and savory dishes such as sweet and sour pork/chicken, Korean beef bbq, spicy Thai food, and Jamaican jerk pork/chicken.  Taste and experience the sensation this wine brings to these foods.


Tasting Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Zinfandel is a black skinned wine grape producing a rich red wine with fruit flavors like blackberries and cherries. Smooth, light and fruity.

Wine Pairing Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Zinfandel is a nice light red wine best paired with chicken in a rich bbq sauce, pasta dishes with a heavy meat sauce, and lamb.

Twin Oaks Sunset Red

Tasting Notes: San Marcos Sunset Red is a blended wine, half Cabernet Sauvignon and half Malbec, with a vibrant deep red coloring, low acidity, possessing blackberry flavors and hints of black cherry.  Smooth, light and fruity.

Wine Pairing Notes: San Marcos Sunset Red is a nice sipping wine to enjoy on a summer afternoon with a platter of cheeses: aged cheddar, blue cheese and brie.  It also pairs nicely with pasta dishes, and salmon.

Twin Oaks Syrah

Tasting Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Syrah is a full-bodied soft tannin wine with a jammy, earthy taste and  blackberry, pepper finish. Bring this to your next gathering of friends.

Wine Pairing Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Syrah is best served with steak, ribs and pork roast with peppery-smokey seasoning. For the non-carnivores, this wine pairs nicely with grilled Shitake mushrooms, grilled eggplant and other meaty vegetables. Bring this wine to your next BBQ gathering.

Tasting Notes: San Marcos Tour de Trois is a complex blend of 3 red wines. It is light-bodied with a fruit forward full nose, mild tannins, low acidity, cherries, plums, and fruity strawberry flavors.

Wine Pairing Notes: San Marcos Tour de Trois pairs wonderfully with your favorite meats, pastas and bold flavored foods. Try it with pork, chicken, red meat and even salmon to experience the nuance of each of the 3 powerful grapes in the Tour.

Twin Oaks Chardonnay
Tasting Notes: Taste and experience our refreshing Chardonnay.  From the first flavors of crisp apple, pear and apricot to the light finish of lemon.  This wine is best served chilled.

Wine Pairing Notes: Twin Oaks Valley Chardonnay is best served with fish such as salmon, tuna and sea bass, sharp aged white cheddar, and most non-tomato based vegetarian meals.

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