Wine Club - Reds

Receive 4 bottles of red wine, 3 times per year. Get a complimentary tasting at our Tasting Room for Wine Club member and 2 guests. Plus, enjoy discounted wine prices, and invitations to special events throughout the year.


The unique part about our wine club, is that YOU get to choose 2 of every 4 bottles you receive! You will have the opportunity to pick your 2 bottles, 3 times a year, we will pick the other 2.


You will receive an email before every order to select your bottles. If you do not respond within the alloted time, we will choose your wines for you. Pick your first 2 bottles here.


Some wine prices may vary.

Wine Club - Reds

Wine Choice 1
Wine Choice 2
  • Wine is a perishable commodity. Wine does not like extremes of temperature: hot humid summer and cold winter weather may adversely affect the condition of your wine during shipment. We may hold your wine in temperature controlled storage until any weather hold is lifted. If despite all precautions, wine arrives damaged, please notify Twin Oaks Valley Winery and we will arrange to send you a replacement. You may keep the existing wine. Please do not send back. The above applies to all direct-to-consumer purchases. If you purchased the wine at a retailer, it is the retailer’s responsibility to replace.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older, to order or receive alcoholic beverages from Twin Oaks Valley Winery. Receipt of shipments containing alcoholic beverages requires the signature of a sober adult (a person 21 years of age or older who is not intoxicated). Wines purchased from Twin Oaks Valley Winery are not for resale, and are for personal consumption only.



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